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Home Automation for your Williamstown home

Advance your home into the 21st century, and add a Home Automation system. This state of the art system allows any user to control their home from their smart device, no matter where they are located in the world. You do not have to be inside your home in order to control aspects of it. You won’t have to stress when you leave the house in the morning as to if you put your alarm system on, or closed your garage door. Home Automation allows for you to take care of your house no matter where you are, and when installed by the experts at Elecfit, you will have no trouble with any aspects of the system.

Control your home from your mobile

With its wireless functionality, this device will allow you to control multiple areas of your home through your mobile or smart device. If you are living it up on holiday, or stuck at work and need to check up on your home, you are able to do all of that and more. You can detail the device in order to choose systems within your home that you would like wireless control of. This can include lighting, motorised doors, blinds, security systems, entertainment systems and some kitchen devices! It also is a great device for the use of the elderly and disabled, giving them the ease of controlling their home. 

Completely customisable to your needs, the home automation system is the functionality your home has been missing. Whether you just want to control a few things, or have your full house system underneath this device, you are able to control whatever you need wherever you are. Operative over wireless network, you do not need to be within your home to control it. You can find out more about this full system by contacting our team today. 

Find out more

To learn more about the modern Home Automation system, you can contact Elecfit today. Talk to our team and get the advice you are after on 1300 00 35 32, or you can send us an email on Home Automation is the only way you can know what is happening around your home at all times no matter where you are. Get in touch for the full spiel! We are also able to install this system in other locations, including the Bellarine Peninsula, Torquay, and Geelong.