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Geelong’s Home Automation system

With the ability to control homes devices at the tip of your fingers, and from anywhere in the world, Home Automation is the way forward. Giving you a range of options on devices that can be controlled, it is the fast and simple way to control so many aspects of your household or business. No longer will you have to stress about whether you remembered to turn on the alarm, or turn off your hair straightener when you’re in that morning rush. Elecfit can install this home automation system into your home, and you can have the control you need of your home from any smart device.

Control your home at the click of a button

Whether you are on holiday, across town, at work or just stuck in traffic, the home automation system can still be controlled from wherever you are. With its wireless function, this device is simply linked up to your smartphone or smart device and allows you to control it all at the click of a button. No longer will you have to stress about whether you turned the alarm on, or closed the garage door on your way out. Home Automation is the sure-fire way to gain peace of mind about your home. It is also a great device for the elderly or disabled, as the quick and easy functionality of home automation allows for easier living. 

You can control many systems such as your home security system, lighting, blinds, electronic devices, stereos, video players, temperature controls and motorised doors. The home automation system allows for custom designed plans for each home so you can control your most used devices within your home at ease. Wireless capabilities can also mean that you can check your homes status wherever you are in the world. This can be a great asset to have, especially if you find out about any home disturbances, or just want to have a look around on your security camera and make sure everything it ok. 

Get in touch today!

To find out more from Elecfit about our home automation systems in Geelong, contact our team today! Simply call us on 1300 00 35 32, or send our team an email on You can also fill out an online enquiry on our website. Home Automation is the way you can have your home under control at the click of a button, and we can make that happen for you. We can also install this system in homes throughout the Bellarine Peninsula, Torquay, and Williamstown.