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Audio visual installation across Melbourne

Have you ever wished you could listen to your favourite song or watch TV anywhere in your home with the aid of just a single device? Well Elecfit can make that a reality with an easy-to-use, intuitive whole-house audio system.


Our unique approach, combined with our cutting edge technology allows us to reduce the amount of equipment you need to play your media and discretely hide the few items you do need.


Available all across Melbourne and beyond. Whether you’re in Brighton, Toorak, Chelsea, or Heidelberg – we’ll be there to get your sound system pumping.


Versatile audio visual systems

No more arguments with the kids about who gets to control the TV - an affordable Elecfit system can allow each of your children to simultaneously watch their preferred show while you enjoy the big game or your favourite cooking show.


We can meet your every audio-visual need – so if you’re sick of having to share with the kids or other family members, we can set up a system that allows versatility and choice for all.


Watch what you want, when you want

With an intelligent audio-visual system from Elecfit, you can finish watching a program recorded on your family room DVR in the bedroom later that night.


We eliminate worries about which DVR your favourite show was recorded on, or which DVD player your favourite movie is sitting. With our intelligent home design, every audio and video source is available to be accessed in every room.


Contact us to book appointment


So, what do you think? Have you just read this after having a silly argument with the kids over who’s watching what and when?


We’ve all been there – so please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Elecfit today to end all those silly television squabbles for good and have us provide you with an audio visual installation today.


We’re available anywhere from Brighton to Toorak, and anywhere around and in between.