Installing home or business security systems across Melbourne

As a business or home owner, knowing that your property is secure and protected is important for your peace of mind. For this reason, it may be advisable to invest in a security system in order to deter criminals and detect potential threats as soon as possible.


At Elecfit, we offer a wide range of different products and services for keeping your business or home safe.

We’re available to provide home security systems all across Melbourne.



Why employ security systems for your home or business?

  • Protection from intruders – having an alarm system in your home goes a long way to keeping out intruders. They ensure that your home is protected from potential theives and will stop criminals from breaking in to your property.
  • Help you and your family feel more comfortable at home – if you and your family have experienced a break-in and have installed a security system you will feel more at ease.
  • Watch your home or business on the go, with a security system you can monitor whilst you are away.


Satisfaction guarantee


When you have a home security system installed with Elecfit, you can be assured that your family will have peace of mind and protection from some of the nasty occurrences of life.


We take your home or business’ security seriously and you can trust that will make them safe.



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